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the enemy's gate is down.

Evil Tepes
13 October 1975
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When in the course of human events, there comes a time to see Evil...

Hi, I'm Evil.
Statistics say that, in all probability, I'm smarter than you, I'm older than you, I've had more sex than you, I'm better at it than you, I've seen more combat than you, I've been on stage more times than you, I'm more knowledgable about weapons and women than you. I'm not modest nor humble, people who are simply allow the weak and incompetent to drag them down, to cause them to feel guilty about being better. and those of us who are better should frackin' glory in it. and I do.
.50 caliber weapons, aa 12, acting, after death, aikido, anal sex, andreas segovia, anime, armed resistance, athiest, aural sex, bastard swords, beasty boys, being awake, bi-sexual girls, biting, bo, bondage, broadsword, bushido, catholic school girls, cats, chainsaw kittens, chivalry, close quarters combat, combat choreography, dead man's party, dead milkmen, death from a distance, directing, dolly grip, domai, ender's game, enlightenment, entropy, erotic asphyxiation, erotic fiction, erotic knife play, erotic photography, erotica, escrima, evangelical taoism, evil, faith no more, fencing, fight directing, film, force recon, full body massage, geeks, george clinton, ghengis kahn, gogol bordello, gorillaz, greatsword, hapkido, hassassin, hentai, independent film, innocence, irish girls, jeet kun do, joy division, kali, katana, kendo, kenjitsu, key grip, king arthur, kinky sex, knighthood, knives, koda, little girls, ll cool j, lolita, marquis de sade, martial arts, massage, medieval faires, missy elliot, naked girls, nerds, nine inch nails, offensive driving, oh shit range, oingo boingo, on a pale horse, oral sex, pain, parliment, personal security, photographic erotica, photography, pieces of eight, pink floyd, pirates, porn, power, psycology, ptsd, public enemy, puns, puscifer, r.e.m., ramones, rapier, reality incorporated, reality?, red hot chili peppers, renaissance faires, ronin, rough sex, sadism, samurai, seducing the innocent, sensuality, sex, shaven girls, short swords, sisters of mercy, skinny puppy, small girls, spanking, string theory, submissive girls, sun tzu, swashbuckeling, tachi, tae kwon do, taiko, target aquisition, the art of war, the beatles, the monkeys, the sirens, thousand yard stare, tofu sucks, tristram, true red heads, vampirism, vikings, violent femmes, violent sex, vlad tepes, wild sex, writing, xm-307, yakuza, yonis


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